Hailsham Street Market
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Every Saturday in Vicarage Field from 8.30am to 1.30pm


[Text courtesy of Open Bakery website]

"We are a truly authentic bakery, honouring traditions and customs from bakeries across Europe....

The Open Bakery is a local family business. The family have been baking in Brighton since 1997. The shop is closely linked to Real Patisserie in Brighton, recently changing its name to Open Bakery to focus its creativity further on wider European influences as well as expanding its baking and cookery classes.

Absolutely everything we make on site is baked or prepared fresh on the day within the shop. Because of this we are able keep to pure, traditional recipes.

We take sustainability seriously, we source ingredients as ethically and locally as possible, making use of the wonderful local growers and producers around Brighton and Sussex.

We are called the Open Bakery because that's what we are. Our kitchens are open to view and our recipe ingredients are on display in the shop. We are open with everything because we are proud of the food we make and the way we make it."

Contact details:

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01273 609 655
Hailsham Street Market: Managed and operated by Hailsham Town Council, Inglenook, Market Street, Hailsham, BN27 2AE. For stall booking and trader enquiries call 01323 841702 or email enquiries@hailsham-tc.gov.uk
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